This Make Up Kit Ain’t No Tupperware Jar

When I was about six years old I remember watching Sailor Moon on the old television set up in the kitchen. This was back in the 90s when we were still in our old house, the one in the East end of Toronto.

In between bites of radioactive-orange mac and cheese, I would watch them battle against Queen Beryl, looking like they were on the losing end until they began pushing back, becoming the victorious ones. This was an after school ritual.

When the show cut to commercial I remember seeing this new make up kit ad for little girls. It was fuchsia, the handle turquoise. If you looked at it from a 2012 perspective, it looked like a bulky suitcase, but back then it was announced as “portable.” It had all of these little plastic compartments for jewelry and when you opened it up two small panels next to the vanity mirror lit up. It was the most beautiful thing I had seen up to that point.

I remember wanting it, wishing for it so hard even though it was only November and the next gift giving occasion was in December. I dreamt about the things I would put in it. Bright sparkly bangles, my mom’s half-used coral lipstick, wispy cotton balls.

I was still day dreaming when my dad pushed through the backdoor, his scarf haphazardly spread over his shoulders, bringing in a pile of snow with him, wearing his usual easy grin. I remember my mom moving from behind me, from behind the stove and all the steam, annoyed about the spread of melting snow all over the cracked linoleum. He was armed with plastic bags, groceries, and tucked in one of them was something bulky and fuchsia. He handed it to me. My mom bristled. It wasn’t Christmas yet. Eagerly, I opened it, looking into all of those little compartments waiting to be filled.

I wasn’t able to find the exact version online but this 90s Caboodles vanity kit completely  nails the color scheme:

[Images via]


2 thoughts on “This Make Up Kit Ain’t No Tupperware Jar

  1. I had that exact 90s version! The only real makeup I kept in it was a Marcella Borghese eyeshadow duo that I found on the ground since no kid under ten should be wearing makeup.


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