Why I’m Not Horrified By Man Shorts

A few days ago the New York Times article “Shorts Have Men Showing a Little Leg” was debating whether men wearing shorts can be taken seriously, you know, in the grown up world and everything. And, doesn’t it look kind of funny? It looks funny doesn’t it?

If this news item was meant to horrify me, it really doesn’t. You see, I have seen far, far worse.

After seeing a photo of Phelps and Co on vacation in the Maldives during an episode of TMZ (aka the show I hate-so-much-but-can’t-stop-watching-because-it-makes-me-laugh-especially-when-the-blond-surfer-dude-says-something-somewhat-intelligent-and-knocks-my-socks-off) let’s just say there’s a lot more disturbing male trends out there.

And just so you know, man crop tops do exist.

A few months ago in Beijing I would see full grown men squinting in the sun and walking on the streets without a strip of fabric across their stomachs. With nonchalance. At first I thought I was hallucinating. The trend-happy, Fashion Television watching, Vogue flipping part of me was ready to speed dial Joan Rivers.

Is it possible that on the other side of the world people think this is acceptable? After being unable to look away from the fifth sizable (portly?) belly outside the windows of our racing tour bus, I realized on closer inspection that they weren’t genuine crop tops, they were just T-shirts that were folded upwards. It was a simple way to beat the heat.

According to the LA Times, the Beijing Youth Daily actually posted pictures of these belly exposers as a way to SHAME them, but it didn’t work. Apparently, relief from the sun beats public shaming . And, as if this could get any more ridiculous, in 2010 Calvin Klein and American Apparel eagerly jumped onto the man crop top trend.

Do you think this look will ever be accepted by the masses?

[cover photo via clairechic.com]

[belly exposed photos via refinery29, calvin klein, and american apparel]


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