How To Use Batiste Dry Shampoo

Batiste dry shampoo

Greasy hair literally ruins my day. It’s right up there with an oily T-zone and canker sores. It’s unattractive but bound to happen if you don’t wash your hair for two days in a row, and definitely if you’re part of the no ‘poo society (which is a LOGICAL method, but something I’m not willing to try).

Then I heard of something called dry shampoo, a powder which absorbs oil so you can avoid over-washing for longer periods of time.  Wowzas!, I thought, this is for me! And being an incredibly frugal person, I decided to make do with the ancient jar of baby powder in the bathroom which does the trick, but also makes you look like you’ve permanently whitened your hair. After a visit to the drug store, I ended up purchasing the Tresemme version which is not worth buying unless you like to buy products just for how it smells.  Finally, I stumbled upon Batiste ($10) which amazingly makes me feel minty fresh, less oily, and gives my limp strands souped up volume.

The original version smells like minty deliciousness, while the Blush one has more of a perfume scent. (Mini on-the-go versions retail for about $5). There’s also one specifically for brunettes that uses brown instead of white powder:

Batiste: A Company That Takes Care of Brunettes

For those of you waiting to be dry shampoo converts, here’s a simple guide on how to use it and no longer look like a grease-ball.

How To Use Dry Shampoo

(1)   Comb your hair

(2)   Divide your hair into sections

(3)   Spray 30cm away from  your hair

(4)   Put on goggles after you’ve sprayed yourself in the eyes

(5)   Make sure to aim for the greasy areas (e.g. hairline)

(6)   Massage the product into your hair

(7)   Massage some more

(8)   Admire yourself in the mirror because you no longer have greasy hair and, oh, it feels so good!

[cover photo via ohsoglassy]

[photo via asos marketplace]


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