How To Use Bamboo Hair Towels

Unlike regular cotton towels, the ones made out of bamboo are significantly softer and are able to quickly absorb moisture, which makes it ideal for wet hair (especially long hair). Although they’re more expensive, they do last for a very long time. Just make sure you don’t wash them in scalding hot water or it’ll affect its absorption rate.

One thing I really like about these towels is that they actually reduce FRIZZ which is awesome especially when you’re dealing with temperamental weather. This might be due to the fact that the fibers are just more gentle so it’s less likely to cause hair breakage.

Mine were bought in Shanghai and since I can’t read Chinese I’m just going to assume these characters mean: Wow, Bamboo Towels! Good For Your Hair and Your Soul! (and yes, I’m horrible at doing spiels).

But here’s a step-to-step guide on how to use these sponge-like marvels!

How To Use Bamboo Hair Towels

(1) Wrap damp hair with your super soft bamboo towel.

(2) Try your best to avoid stroking it like a plush doll.

(3) Dress and try not to be alarmed when you can actually feel droplets of moisture being sucked up by this marvelous eco-friendly invention

(4) Remove towel because now your dried hair looks amazing and you don’t have to blow dry it before you go out! Say what??

(5) Just kidding, you still need to blow dry it, but don’t worry it’ll take significantly less time!

*Note: When cleaning your towels handle them gently and avoid using fabric softener. This is like bamboo towel kryptonite.

*Costs vary according to brand


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