Can Fast Fashion Literally Make You Sick?

zara basic shirt

Like a lot of other people I’m a consumer of fast fashion. I frequent stores like H&M and Zara on a regular basis so it was pretty shocking to hear how this trend not only diminishes the quality of clothing (which we all know), but also strongly impacts our health. Recent studies conducted by Greenpeace shows stores like Zara use harmful chemicals to manufacture their clothes (H&M has since cleaned up their act). Thanks to a nine day viral campaign Zara has agreed to a zero discharge emission and be more socially responsible, but there are still a lot of other companies out there who are less transparent.

Greenpeace released this Detox Fashion video as a way to spread the word. It’s kind of like an anime rendering of the Hunger Games, but instead of criticizing The Capitol, they’re targeting major retailers.

I’ve written about this issue more extensively at Culture-ist Magazine in an article entitled “Why Fast Fashion Is Toxic To Your Health And The Environment“. So please check it out and join in on the conversation!


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