Annabelle Smoothliners Vs. Smudgeliners Review

annabelle smudgeliner

The first pencil eyeliner I remember using was Make Up For Ever’s waterproof eye pencil in Star Black. This was back in college and I decided to go with a pencil liner since I heard that you should only go for gels and liquids once you really got the hang of it. Plus, I wanted something to wear during the day time and didn’t want a color that was too intense. So a soft black seemed just about perfect. The problem was every time I used it I would end up with major raccoon eyes by the end of the day.

Smudging is one major reason why many make up junkies tend to gravitate towards liquid liners, which, after drying, stays put or gels which have this dream-like, creamy consistency. But I think I’ve finally found my HG pencil liner, and I’m really happy to tell you guys that not only is it a great product but it’s dirt cheap too!

You can find Annabelle Smoothliners  ($6) and Smudgeliners ($8) in your local drugstore (in Toronto I’ve seen them available in Shoppers Drug Mart, and Wal-Mart).

Let’s start off with the Annabelle Smoothliners.

photo (6)

I chose Brownie since there were no longer any black liners in stock. I’ve used brown liners in the past and found them far too light for my dark eyes, but this one is great–a rich dark brown, that looks almost black from far away.

True to their name, these liners go on incredibly smooth (must be because of the jojoba oil) and don’t smudge. I can always draw a nice precise line and the color payoff is AMAZING. As someone who has incredibly sensitive skin, I haven’t had any negative reactions or irritation from this product (it’s hypo-allergenic!) even though I’ve been using it on a regular basis for 4 months now. The only drawback is that it does get dull very easily, but my Milani Duo Sharpener, gets it looking like new all over again.

Now for the Annabelle Smudgliners. Honestly, the only difference I can discern between these two products is that the Smudgeliners are a bit longer and that’s why it’s a bit more expensive, but that’s in large part because of the little, foamy smudger tip at the end that helps you create the perfect smoky eye.

I love a good smoky eye so I had to have this product (yeah, I was kind of possessed), and while the smudger tip can help you create a sultry look, it’s best to use your own brushes if you want more precision.

photo (4)

In retrospect, if they weren’t out of stock, I would have bought an Annabelle Smoothliner in black and saved a couple bucks, because you can smudge these eyeliners right after you apply them (before the formula sets), and I don’t find myself using the smudger tip at all. Oh, and yes, the Smudgeliners are just as smooth, so it’s really the same product, they’ve just been marketed in different ways.

I’m so glad there’s such a high-quality drug store eyeliner out there though! This is definitely the best pencil liner I’ve used so far, and I’ll definitely be buying more in the future. How about you guys? What’s your HG eyeliner?

*Prices vary according to location


3 thoughts on “Annabelle Smoothliners Vs. Smudgeliners Review

  1. I’ve experimented with many eyeliner brands. I use Maybelinne’s Unstoppable water proof/smudge proof eyeliner and it’s amazing.

    – KW

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