Top 5 Oscar 2013 Predictions: I’m Team Argo

oscars seth mcfarlane

The Oscars is probably the one award show I regret watching every year, because it turns out to be such a snooze fest, but I really can’t help myself. Don’t think Seth McFarlane is going to top what Amy and Tina did at the Golden Globes (everyone’s reaction to the James Cameron joke was priceless), but apparently there’s going to be a musical number, which I’m very excited about.  And you just know Seth McFarlane’s going to make a joke about Ben Affleck not being nominated for Best Director.

Like everyone else I have my clear favourites, but the best part about the Academy Awards is predicting who’s going to take it, because in the end it’s not really given to the actor who has had the best performance (which is entirely subjective anyways), but who campaigned their ass off.

So here are my Top 5 2013 Oscar predictions:

Actor in a Supporting Role: Philip Seymour Hoffman


Because he’s Phillip Seymour Hoffman. I really want De Niro to win. If you’ve seen Silver Linings Playbook then you know it’s his first film in a long time where he’s not playing a caricature of himself (although personally I found Analyze This quite enjoyable). We’ll see how it goes though. For someone who usually shies away from the spotlight, he’s been making public appearances everywhere. If he wins I might spazz out on Twitter.

Actress in a Supporting Role: Anne Hathaway

anne hathaway les mis

She’s pretty much a lock at this point. I feel like every year there’s a film made with the intention of sweeping the Oscars and this year it’s Les Miserables. She’s fantastic in the role despite only being on screen for a few minutes, and she also has a great sentimental back story to go along with the win. Her mom played Fantine in the U.S. stage production.

Best Actor: Hugh Jackman

hugh jackman les mis

If you recall, Jackman hosted the Oscars a few years back and while it wasn’t an epic failure like with James Franco and Anne Hathaway that whole The-Reader-I-didn’t-see-the-Reader dance still gives me nightmares. It’s his first nod. Daniel Day Lewis is his biggest competition by far and he has already won twice.

Best Actress: Emmanuelle Riva

emmanuelle riva

She’s the one who won the BAFTA (the award show that usually gets it right), but Jennifer Lawrence is the It Girl of the moment. I love J.Law and Will Ferrell for giving her that nickname, but she’s young and with the way her career is going this isn’t going to be her last Oscar nomination.  Heard Naomi Watts was also fantastic in The Impossible though, but who knows. Crazy strong category.

Best Picture: Argo


OK, so I haven’t seen all of the 9 films nominated for best picture, but I saw Argo last night and really, really loved it. Like I said before Silver Linings Playbook didn’t really move me, and Les Mis–besides being an epic movie–dragged on way too long. Argo is perfect. It clocks in at two hours, but there’s not one boring scene in the whole movie. It also has this nice Ocean’s 11 vibe to it and contains extremely relevant social commentary. I’ll review this one soon. (Update: You can read the Argo Review here!)

I really wish Marion Cotillard was nominated for Rust & Bone, but overall it was a great year for movies.

Who do you think is going to walk away with Oscar gold this year?

[Cover Photo via insidermovies]

[Photo via Business Insider, Collider, Bohomoth]


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