Beauty Haul: Lookin’ Fresh!

fresh beauty haul set

Got a chance to drop by Sephora last month and pick up a few goodies. I’ve been eyeing Fresh’s Sugar Rose Lip Treatment ($26 CAD) for a while now, but couldn’t justify buying such an expensive lip treatment. Luckily they had a Sugar Cheer value set available ($32 CAD) which also came with a mini Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment and a tube of Brown Sugar Body Cream.

And okay, maybe I just really wanted the bag too.

fresh bag

This is by far the best lip balm I have ever used! I’ve been using both of them for a few weeks now and definitely see a major difference, but I’ll do a more detailed review soon.

I gave the body cream to my sister who said she likes the smell (curiously enough, it doesn’t smell like brown sugar, but rather, kind of like lemons), but still prefers her Aveeno body moisturizer. I tried a bit of it and found it extremely hydrating. It contains precious oils like jojoba, evening primrose, apricot kernel, and borage seed, and is paraben free.

dolce and gabana light blue box

I also picked up a sample size of Dolce and Gabbana’s Light Blue perfume which comes in this cute faux-velvet box. It smells so delicious! I don’t like overpowering, floral perfumes so this is perfect. It’s a nice, clean scent that you can wear everyday. Everyone raves about CLEAN’s Fresh Laundry but the smell just didn’t appeal to me. Highly recommend this!

dolce and gabana light blue


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