112 Instagram Pictures, 112 Memories – Inkifi Review

Inkifi Poster

My main motivation for getting an Iphone was to get Instagram. It was an app I really wanted to play around with (mainly for the filters) even though I’ve never really been into photography in the past. But taking pictures the past two years has really gotten me to think about framing and composition. It also gave me the opportunity to capture some pretty awesome moments too! Since graduating from college I’ve had the chance to travel to Asia and spend some time in New York. I love traveling and definitely plan to do more of it this year.

Enter Inkifi, a company that creates personalized items out of your Instagram photos They have everything from greeting cards and fridge magnets to canvas prints and photobooks.

I decided to order one of their poster prints (which looks like a gigantic Instagram feed) as well as an acrylic prism (classy!) because they were things I had never really seen before and I wanted to add some unique pieces to my home.

The selection and ordering process is pretty simple: once you go to their website and log into your Instagram account you can pick and choose what photos you want to include.

For the poster I decided to go for the option with 69 images which seemed like plenty but found myself hitting the max number of photos before I was halfway through my feed! I ended up going for 112 images instead.

frame 024

The process is simple enough but I do wish there was a way to select a different poster with more images without having to start over with the image selection process. But all in all I’m really happy with the quality and how the images turned out!

For the acrylic prism I ended up choosing a picture of HuangDong (Yellow Mountain) which was taken on a trip to China after graduation. It’s such a stunning place with the mist in the mountains so it’s great to have a physical keepsake. It’s made entirely of glass and is quite heavy. Would make a great centerpiece or as a gift.

Inkifi Acrylic Prism

Disclaimer: Products were provided by Inkifi but all opinions and views are my own. 


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