112 Instagram Pictures, 112 Memories – Inkifi Review

My main motivation for getting an Iphone was to get Instagram. It was an app I really wanted to play around with (mainly for the filters) even though I’ve never really been into photography in the past. But taking pictures the past two years has really gotten me to think about framing and composition. It… Continue reading 112 Instagram Pictures, 112 Memories – Inkifi Review

Minimalist Store Front Display

Did a double take when I saw this store front window at Kensington Market. From what I could tell the joint was empty but they had these small outdated items placed in a row on a table in front of a white canvas blanket. Kind of a spooky shot, but I love the simplicity of… Continue reading Minimalist Store Front Display

The Parade

Had a chance to catch the tail end of the Santa Claus Parade while I was downtown on Sunday. There were hundreds of people along Front St. holding red Starbucks cups, trying to keep warm in the cold, taking pictures, and singing Christmas songs. Loved seeing the floats and all of the marching bands looking… Continue reading The Parade