Featured Work



The Huffington Post: Why Greenpeace’s Detox Campaign Is Needed Now More Than Ever (Feature)

The Huffington Post: Exploring Socio-Ecological Design with Mitchell Joachim (Interview)


The Culture-ist: Why Fast Fashion Is Toxic To Your Health And The Environment (Feature)

The Culture-ist: 5 Benefits of Vertical Farming: The Future of Agriculture (Feature)

The Culture-ist: Soft Cars and Living Homes: How Biologically-Based Architecture May be the Key to Greening Our Cities (Interview)

The Culture-ist: Why You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty About Leaving Work at 5:00 (Feature)

The Culture-ist: In Pakistan, One Woman is Planting the Seed for Education (Interview)

The Culture-ist: Will Myspace Bring Sexy Back to the Social Media Stage? (Opinion)

The Culture-ist: The Australian Dairy Company: Hong Kong’s Most Efficiently Scrambled Breakfast Spot (Restaurant Review)

SHE Canada: Lakme Fashion Week Spotlights Kaloll Datta and Pankaj and Nidhi Ahuja (Round up) 

SHE Canada: Christian Siriano Opens First Store in NYC (Feature)

SHe Canada: Rankin and Ayami Nishimura: Beauty Book Collaborators (Feature)

SHE Canada: Tavi and Apfel at the MET: Meeting of the Style Minds (Feature)

SHE Canada: De Paix Yatra: The Search For Real Idols

SHE Canada: Pakistani Filmmaker Faraz Waqar: Socially Conscious Visionary (Feature)


https://i2.wp.com/www.rrj.ca/uploadedImages/Ryerson_Review_of_Journalism/articles/Winter_20113/She%20Canada2_photo.jpg  https://i2.wp.com/www.rrj.ca/uploadedImages/Ryerson_Review_of_Journalism/articles/Winter_20113/She%20Canada_resized.jpg

“Diamantina: India’s Reigning Jewelry Design Dynasty” SHE Canada October 2012 (Advertorial)

“SOS Children’s Villages: A Right To Normalcy” SHE Canada October 2012 (Interview)

“Faraz Waqar: Filmmaking Revolutionary” SHE Canada October 2012 (Film Review)

“The Royal Jaipur Polo Challenge.” SHE Canada September 2012


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