Beauty Haul: Lookin’ Fresh!

Got a chance to drop by Sephora last month and pick up a few goodies. I’ve been eyeing Fresh’s Sugar Rose Lip Treatment ($26 CAD) for a while now, but couldn’t justify buying such an expensive lip treatment. Luckily they had a Sugar Cheer value set available ($32 CAD) which also came with a mini… Continue reading Beauty Haul: Lookin’ Fresh!

112 Instagram Pictures, 112 Memories – Inkifi Review

My main motivation for getting an Iphone was to get Instagram. It was an app I really wanted to play around with (mainly for the filters) even though I’ve never really been into photography in the past. But taking pictures the past two years has really gotten me to think about framing and composition. It… Continue reading 112 Instagram Pictures, 112 Memories – Inkifi Review

Film Review: Rust and Bone (2012)

“I liked being watched. I liked turning guys on. Getting them worked up. But then I’d get bored.”–Stephanie When we first see Stephanie she is leaving a night club. She was just in a fight and her face is bloody. The damage looks painful but she doesn’t look like she feels anything. Alain (Matthias Schoenaerts),… Continue reading Film Review: Rust and Bone (2012)

Top 5 Oscar 2013 Predictions: I’m Team Argo

The Oscars is probably the one award show I regret watching every year, because it turns out to be such a snooze fest, but I really can’t help myself. Don’t think Seth McFarlane is going to top what Amy and Tina did at the Golden Globes (everyone’s reaction to the James Cameron joke was priceless),… Continue reading Top 5 Oscar 2013 Predictions: I’m Team Argo

Film Review: Beyonce’s Life Is But A Dream

“Stop pretending that I have it all together. If I’m scared, be scared. Allow it. Release it. Move on.”–Beyonce  I love that one review of Beyonce’s HBO documentary, Life Is But A Dream, which calls it simultaneously “calculated and confessional.” The thing is if a celebrity like Rihanna who’s fond of over sharing made a… Continue reading Film Review: Beyonce’s Life Is But A Dream

Annabelle Smoothliners Vs. Smudgeliners Review

The first pencil eyeliner I remember using was Make Up For Ever’s waterproof eye pencil in Star Black. This was back in college and I decided to go with a pencil liner since I heard that you should only go for gels and liquids once you really got the hang of it. Plus, I wanted… Continue reading Annabelle Smoothliners Vs. Smudgeliners Review